Jaden Smith Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Family, Career & Bio

Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith Bio:

Jaden Smith is an American rapper and actor. His performances in several successful movies have been extremely well-received. The actor has shown an interest in films since he was a young child. As a result of his parents being actors, it is not surprising that his interest in acting began at such a young age. Jaden Smith’s performance in some of his movies, such as ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still, was greatly admired by critics. Here we talk about Jaden Smith, age, net worth, family, career, height, weight, and biography.

In 2017, Syre, the artist’s debut studio album, was released with songs influenced by famous musicians like Justin Bieber. Jaden Smith has also discovered a passion for business. In collaboration with a Korean designer, he created pop-up shops where he sold clothes made originally. In addition to enjoying quick attention due to his famous father, Jaden Smith has also proved his mettle in the art world.

Jaden Smith Early Life:

On July 8, 1998, Jaden Smith was born in Malibu, California, the United States, as Jaden Christopher Syre Smith, Will Smith, and Jada Pinkest Smith. As well as being the elder brother of Willow Smith (born on October 20, 2000), he is the half-brother of Trey Smith, who is Willow’s younger half-sister. It is no coincidence that he also shares a name with Willow’s father, Caleb, because he is Caleb’s nephew.

As it was a sideline of his maternal grandparents, he is from a family of Afro-Caribbean origin (from Barbados and Jamaica). However, his other grandparents belonged to African-American families. In 2007, Smith started a company called MSFTSrep, which sells clothing and lifestyle accessories. Clothing is available in many styles, from hoodies and T-shirts to pants and vests.

Jaden Smith Career:

Jaden Smith started his career well, as his father was one of the leading stars of Hollywood at the time. His first film was a co-starring role with Will Smith in ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’. The movie succeeded, turning Jaden Smith into a famous Hollywood figure. Jaden Smith was cast in ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’ as his second acting role.’This film was a remake of the 1951 classic, and Jaden played an eight-year-old stepson of the protagonist in the movie, which lasted for 124 minutes.

Karate Kid:

The role of Jaden Smith in ‘Karate Kid’ (part of ‘The Karate Kid series) greatly boosted Jaden Smith’s career when he starred alongside Jackie Chan that year. Box office performance was exceptional and added a lot of buzz. In 2013, he appeared along with Keanu Reeves in The Day the Earth Stood Still. Will Smith and Jaden Smith starred in After Earth in May 2013, where they played father and son, respectively.

There was an announcement in 2014 that Smith would be returning for the sequel Karate Kid 2 with Jackie Chan. This will be the movie’s first release, and it will be directed and produced by Brick Eisner and James Lassiter and written by Zak Penn. In 2015, the movie was expected to be released. As of November 17, 2017, Syre was released as the musician’s debut studio album. He debuted at number 24 on the US Billboard 200′ for his latest album ‘Erys.’

His next album was released on July 5, 2019. The album performed much better, debuting at number 12 on the US Billboard 200 chart. He also starred in a movie titled ‘Skate Kitchen,’ directed by Crystal Moselle, which can be described as a teen drama. The actor was also signed to play Danny in “Life in a Year” opposite Cara Delavigne.

Jaden Smith Personal Life:

Mr. Will Smith is Jaden Smith’s father; he is an actor. Mr. Jada Pinkest Smith is Jaden Smith’s mother. She is a model and works as an actress. A younger sister named Willow Smith and a half-brother named Trey Smith also share his bloodline. He also has a sister named Willow Smith, an actress.

Jaden Smith is not married, and his marital status is single. There are many women with whom he has been involved, such as Sarah Snyder, Odessa Adlon, and Kylie Jenner, to name a few. A few days ago, rumours circulated about him and her co-star Cara Delavigne having an affair. Both of them are spending Valentine’s Day together this year.

Jaden Smith Net Worth:

Jaden Smith is a talented American singer-actor with an $8 million net worth. He started his career when he was only a child, starring beside his famous father, Will Smith, in The Pursuit of Happiness. Still, he soon changed into his style of solo stardom through his musical talents and habit of posting very odd but genuinely funny social media updates.

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