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Ppcocaine Bio:

Ppcocaine is an American singer and rapper who first gained popularity in the middle of the twenty-first century. She gained fame for her song D.D.L.G., one of many sex-positive songs made viral by TikTok stars because many famous TikTok stars have used her songs. As well as her YouTube channel, she has a large following of more than 310,000 subscribers. On top of that, she has almost one million followers on TikTok. Here we talk about Ppcocaine age, net worth, family, career, height, weight, lifestyle, and biography.

Ppcocaine Early Life:

Ppcocaine is a famous internet personality who has been active since she was born on June 1, 2001. Because Ppcocaine was born on this date, she has been listed in our database as the 39th most popular celebrity for the day (June 1) and the 387th most popular for the year (2001). Gemini is a Zodiac sign associated with twins. Those born on June 1 fall under this sign.

Ppcocaine is the 1134th Most Popular Gemini. If you’re curious to see who was born on the same day, you can browse our database to find out where, when, what, who, and why you were born on your birthday. It is possible to search by birth date, birthplace, claim to fame, or any other information by simply typing the search box, or you can browse the months on our site.

Ppcocaine Career:

TikTok is one of the most famous TikTok because of the songs he has released, and they are prevalent on the service. His T.I.K.T.O.K. account has been deleted, and the reason behind the removal of the account is still unknown, but our team is investigating. Still, the videos are flowing through social media widely. However, it turns out that she takes this content into her life as part of the orientation.

The most memorable aspect of Ppcocaine’s career is her ability to rap. The lyrics of her songs are a bit explicit and contain lots of words that are not appropriate, so some of the poems likely caused the tweet to be removed from social media.

A new song from Ppcocaine is in the public eye and is controversial. It has over 9 million views on YouTube and is continually climbing the ranks. He will be the most beautiful rapper and singer of our generation. This young woman’s new song, “Bad Bitches,” goes viral. She never talks about her parents or siblings in social media posts, making finding information about her family members even more challenging.
There is no doubt that Ppcocaine has become a well-known face in the music industry, appearing in various music videos. Her first appearance as a lead artist was in the “D.D.L.G.” in 2020. She has also starred in the film 3 Musketeers, S.L.U.T in 2020, and Level Up in 2021. The names of a few of her songs include Rugrat, That Bitch, PJ, Hugh Hefner, Lets Link, etc. A rapper with a YouTube channel with more than 576k subscribers started this channel in June 2020.

Ppcocaine Personal Life:

Regarding the public’s fascination with Paine’s personal life, the renowned singer is a lesbian and is believed to be involved in a relationship. Since December of this year, she has been dating Next Youngin, aka Daddy Kiana. Her boyfriend of this year, Daddy, is a rapper by profession with over 1,000 followers on Instagram. Moreover, she will be having a baby in early August 2021.
A picture of her and her boyfriend sitting together and kissing was shared by her. She is in a good relationship with her girlfriend, and they love spending time together. She was raised with five siblings: two step-sisters, Michaela Reka and Madison Reka, and two step-brothers, William Ashlyn and Erin Escobar.

Ppcocaine Net Worth:

She is better known as Ppcocaine, an American rapper and songwriter, Lilliana Catherine Domi. The most famous songs that she has written include “P.J.,” “3 Musketeers”, and “D.D.L.G.,” which were all viral hits on the video-sharing platform TikTok. Ppcocaine’s net worth is approximately 800 thousand dollars.

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