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Ajay Devgan

Ajay Devgan Bio:

Ajay Devgan, born on April 2, 1969, in New Delhi, India, is a renowned Bollywood actor, producer, and director. With a career spanning over three decades, his contributions to the Indian film industry have left a lasting impression. This article provides a comprehensive overview of Ajay Devgan age, covering various facets of his life and career.

Age and Early Life:

Ajay Devgan is currently 54 years old as of September 2023. He spent his formative years in the bustling city of Mumbai. Born to renowned stunt choreographer Veeru Devgan and film producer Veena Devgan, Ajay grew up in an industry filled with glitz and glamour.

Height, Weight, and Physical Attributes:

Ajay Devgan is commanding on-screen at a height of 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm). His weight has varied throughout his career, but he has consistently maintained a fit and athletic physique, usually hovering around 78 kilograms (172 lbs).


Ajay Devgn, also called Ajay Devgan, is a prominent Indian actor, film director, and producer with considerable success in the Indian film industry, primarily in Bollywood. Here’s an overview of his career:

Early Life and Debut (1991): 

Ajay Devgn was born in New Delhi, India, on April 2, 1969. He made his acting Debut in the film “Phool Aur Kaante” in 1991. His performance in the movie, which included an iconic stunt where he balanced on two moving motorcycles, earned him the Filmfare Award for Best Male Debut.

90s Success (1990s): 

Throughout the 1990s, Devgn appeared in several successful films, including “Jigar,” “Dilwale,” “Suhaag,” and “Ishq.” He established himself as an action hero during this period and gained recognition for his intense performances.

National Award (1998): 

Devgn won the National Film Critics’ ‘Best Actor’ Award for “Zakhm” (1998), directed by Mahesh Bhatt. This film showcased his versatility as an actor.

Directorial Debut (2008): 

In 2008, Ajay Devgn debuted as a director with “U Me Aur Hum.” He also acted in the film alongside his wife, Kajol.

Versatility (2000s and 2010s): 

Devgn continued to work in various genres, not limited to action films. He appeared in critically acclaimed movies like “Omkara” (2006), a modern adaptation of Shakespeare’s “Othello,” and “Drishyam” (2015), which received widespread acclaim for his performance.

Production Ventures: 

Apart from acting and directing, Devgn has also ventured into film production. He has produced several successful films under his banner, Ajay Devgn FFilms.

Box Office Success: 

He delivered several box office hits, including the “Golmaal” series, “Singham,” and “Shivaay.”

Awards and Honors: 

Ajay Devgn has received numerous awards throughout his career, including many Filmfare and National Film Awards.

International Recognition: 

He has also appeared in international projects, including a role in the British film “Shivaay” (2016).


Devgn has been actively involved in philanthropic activities and is associated with various social causes.

Ajay Devgn’s career has been marked by versatility, consistent Success at the box office, and critical acclaim for his performances. He remains one of the prominent and respected figures in the Indian film industry. Please note that my knowledge is current as of September 2021, and there may have been further developments in his career since then.


Spouse and Children

Ajay Devgan is married to the versatile Bollywood actress Kajol, with whom he tied the knot in 1999. The couple has two children, Nysa and Yug, who occasionally appear in the media spotlight.


Ajay Devgan has a brother, Anil Devgan, a film director who died in 2020. He also has two sisters, Neelam and Kavita.

Personal Life:

Hobbies and Interests

Outside of his acting career, Ajay Devgan is known for his love of adventure and sports. He is an avid fan of motorcycles and holds a collection of high-end bikes. Additionally, he is keenly interest in photography and often shares his work on social media.


Ajay Devgan is actively involve in various charitable endeavors. He supports causes related to education, healthcare, and disaster relief, demonstrating a commitment to giving back to society.

Net Worth:

As of 2023, Ajay Devgan’s net worth is estimated at around $40 million. His diverse acting, directing, and producing career has contributed significantly to his financial success.


Ajay Devgan’s journey in the Indian film industry is remarkable. From his auspicious debut to becoming a multifaceted powerhouse, he has garnered a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim. With a loving family by his side and a legacy of iconic films, Ajay Devgan continues to be an influential figure in Bollywood. His contributions to cinema and philanthropic efforts serve as an inspiration for aspiring artists and fans alike.

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